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April 27, 2015

myInterpreter Review

img src=”” div class=”topbox”Developer: a href=””Slybees/a Price: FREE Version Reviewed: 1.2.0 Device Reviewed On: iPhone 5 iPhone Integration User Interface Re-use Value /divpEvery time I come across a translation app, my brain immediately wanders to the future we were all promised by the likes of emStar Trek/em and emThe Hitchhikerrsquo;s Guide to the Galaxy/em, with […]

‘Galaga Tekken’ is a Real Thing, Really Releasing This Week?!

One great thing about mobile games is that sometimes a small April Fool’s joke can quickly be turned around into a real game. Zombie Gunship Arcade [Free], for example. Take Galaga Tekken. It was initially announced as an April Fool’s joke, where Heihachi and Kazuya from the Tekken games would be shooting other Tekken characters, […]

ANTENNA Free Review

img src=”” div class=”topbox”Developer: a href=””Apposter.Inc./a Price: FREE Version Reviewed: 1.1 Device Reviewed On: iPhone 5 iPhone Integration User Interface Re-use Value /divpIn a pre-smartphone existence, I mostly used my phone as a convenient portable radio. Despite its many wonders, when I first got an iPhone I was a little disappointed to lose that feature. […]

Apple Watch Impressions – Game Companion Apps

In our last piece about Apple Watch games, we covered the trailblazer developers that debuted games that were either specially designed for Apple’s latest platform or were updates to existing games that played, well, as if they were made for the device. However, there’s a whole other category of apps for the Apple Watch that […]

April 25, 2015

The TouchArcade Show – 202 – An Illness Cured Only by Apple Watch

Congratulations lucky recipients of the Apple Watch and… Well, people like us who are still wondering when the hell ours are going to ship. I had hoped this episode would be all about our first impressions of the Apple Watch, but, hey, when life gives you lemons… Talk about how awesome Does Not Commute [Free] […]

Apple Watch Games – First Impressions of ‘Spy_Watch,’ ‘Letterpad,’ ‘Watch Quest’ and ‘Runeblade’

After an introduction last year, a slow trickle of information and a pre-order period of two weeks, Apple Watch is here at least. If you listen to the ravings on the Internet, I’m apparently one of the lucky few to score an Apple Watch delivery here. For all the other folks celebrating Christmas in April […]

April 24, 2015

‘Leo’s Fortune’ Gets $0.99 Flash Sale on Game’s First Anniversary

Leo’s Fortune [$0.99] has been out for about a year now, and it’s kind of crazy because it won an Apple Design Award almost immediately after release. It’s felt like something of an iOS platformer institution ever since it came out. The good news is that now on the game’s one-year anniversary, you can pick […]

‘Game of Thrones Ascent’ Gets ‘Fire Blood’ Expansion and New Season 5 Content

Disruptor Beam’s Game of Thrones Ascent [Free] had a cool thing going for it last year, where it tied in events from season 4 of HBO’s Game of Thrones into its own game. Well, the good news is that they’re continuing it for season 5 with new content drops, and have also launched a big […]

Lost Within Review

img src=”” div class=”topbox”Developer: a href=”” target=”_blank”Amazon Game Studios/a Price: $6.99 Version Reviewed: 1.0 App Reviewed on: iPhone 5 Graphics / Sound Game Controls Gameplay Re-use / Replay Value /divp/p pSurvival horror seems to be enjoying a renaissance on iOS, and emLost Within/em is the latest of those examples. Is it scary? Not really. Even […]

Bottle Empire Review

img src=”” div class=”topbox”Developer: a href=””Ghoulsoft/a Price: FREE Version Reviewed: 1.1 App Reviewed on: iPhone 5 Graphics / Sound Gameplay Playtime Replay Value /divpemBottle Empire/em is a curious mishmash of genres. Part freemium social game, part emMonopoly/em-esque experience, itrsquo;ll take a little while to truly click. Thatrsquo;s not helped by the fact that its tutorials […]