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June 27, 2016

Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari review

Developer: Featherweight Games Price: Free Version: 1.0.0 App Reviewed on: iPhone 5 Graphics/Sound Rating: User Interface Rating: Gameplay Rating: Replay Value Rating: Overall Rating: There are too many endless runners on the App Store, and most of them are virtually indistinguishable. Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safariis not one of these games. It takes the […]

June 25, 2016

The TouchArcade Show – 263 – Disco Stampede

As promised, we return this week following our last episode which centralized around E3 and didn’t have much game chat to… Spend most of the podcast going over the cool iOS games we’ve been playing this week. Those games, in order, include: Disco Zoo [Free], its similarities to the new Rodeo Stampede [Free], the weird […]

June 24, 2016

If You Like TouchArcade, Please Support Our Patreon

Hey everyone, it’s Friday and we’re close to the end of the week of TouchArcade blasting stories out (unless anything cool happens over the weekend we need to cover), but the fact still remains: To survive, we very much need your support. The business of running a web site is tricky, and as we pointed […]

The Original ‘Plants vs Zombies’ Has Been Removed From the App Store

It seems like the theme of the month is classic games getting removed from the App Store for one reason or another. It seems that PopCap’s original Plants vs Zombies is the latest fabulous title to get silently nuked. The “good” news, if you’d call it that, is Plants vs Zombies Free [Free] remains on […]

Out of Nowhere, ‘Twilight Struggle Mobile’, the Port of the Award-Winning Board Game, Has Hit the App Store

Perhaps Playdek took the Cold War theme of its game a bit too seriously when it decided to stealthily unleash Twilight Struggle¬†Mobile [$7.99 (HD)], its port of the classic board game,¬†onto the App Store. Twilight Struggle, the award-winning, card-driven board game that simulates the Cold War, has been very eagerly awaited by board game fans, […]

June 23, 2016

‘Pokemon’-alike ‘Teeny Titans’ from Grumpyface Studios and Cartoon Network Now Available

Well, there was a load of new iOS games released tonight but not among them was one that we’ve been highly anticipating since we played it at E3 last week. However, moments ago Teeny Titans [$3.99] from Grumpyface Studios and Cartoon Network finally popped up on the App Store. Better late than never, I always […]

Out Now: ‘Perchang’, ‘Heavy Metal Tennis Training’, ‘Rodeo Stampede’, ‘Hyperburner’, ‘Super Steampuff’, ‘NinjAwesome’, ‘The Sandbox Evolution’ and More

Welcome to the best time of week for mobile gamers, the time when we roundup all the new iOS games that have hit the App Store. Let me apologize for not having a list last week, these things are hard to put together when you’re spending all day running around the LA Convention Center for […]

June 21, 2016

Frantic Shooter review

Developer: Bulkypix Price: Free Version: 1.0.1 App Reviewed on: iPad Air 2 Graphics/Sound Rating: User Interface Rating: Gameplay Rating: Replay Value Rating: Overall Rating: Frantic Shootertakes the now ubiquitous Crossy Roadformula of free-to-play game design and applies it to the arena shooter genre (think Geometry Wars). While it’s definitely not a bad-sounding idea, Frantic Shooterreally […]

Peter Vesterbacka, the Chief Marketing Officer of Rovio, Has Left the Company

It feels like only yesterday that we were reporting yet another record breaking statistic related to Angry Birds [$0.99], such as the second main game of the series reaching 1 million downloads in the first twelve hours after release. Following such grandiose statements declaring intentions of being ‘bigger than Disney’ back in 2012, it seemed […]

Check out ‘Tapt’, a Surprisingly Fun Ultra-Minimal Rhythm Game

I get pitched a whoooolllleeee lot of iOS games on Twitter and while I make an effort to try out most of them, with it being nearly eight years into the life of the App Store, it’s sort of rare to see games that make me think “Oh dang, this is super clever.” This was […]